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Superior Survivability against Asymmetric Threats 

Turkish Defense Industry has shown a remarkable growth in terms of product variety and -effectiveness to provide a sustainable and superior defense capability for the country in the last couple of decades as a natural response to increased symmetric and asymmetric threats.

Especially asymmetric assaults to Turkey has increased to unbearable levels after the collapse of state control in northern Iraq and Syria. Ejder Yalcin, an indigenously designed product of Nurol Makina, was born in this environment and has been playing a game-changer role in these asymmetric conflicts.

The armored 4x4 Tactical Wheeled combat Vehicle (TWCV) named Ejder Yalcin (Ejder – Dragon in Turkish) was developed and constantly improved for years by the contribution of elite fighting forces with their asymmetric warfare experiences at urban and rural areas. Today, Ejder Yalcin delivers an exceptional combination of survivability, all-terrain mobility from muddy to desert grounds, firepower performance with the highest payload capacity at theatre compared to other TWCVs in his segment.


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Among above cited vehicle features, survivability is the most crucial one since any inferiority on this feature may have fatal consequences. Furthermore; the fact that IED caused fatalities have become the major source of losses in asymmetric conflicts in the last decades, underlines the importance of this feature. Thanks to its advanced mine/IED, ballistic and self-protection features, Ejder Yalcin saved many lives at conflict zones since its initial deployment in 2014.

Ejder Yalcin has a monocoque steel armor body with a V-shaped bottom. A deflection plate under the body, a floating floor inside the cabin and specially designed mine-resistant seats integrated to the walls of the vehicle increase the protection feature against mine & IED threats to highest possible levels. Ejder has been subjected to mine tests in accordance with NATO STANAG 4569 specification not only after the initial development but also several times in the last couple of years to see the suitability of the improvements made throughout the years of deployment. The mine tests involved under belly, under wheel and also lateral blasts tests were witnessed and certificated by internationally accredited third party test houses.

Even though Ejder Yalcin showed exceptional performance at each of those tests, the real performance of the vehicle is to be proved at the conflict zones, as always. Throughout its deployment since 2014, many Ejder Yalcin vehicles have been exposed to IED attacks both from under the vehicle and side blasts. In some reported cases the attacks were made by using several hundreds of kilograms of explosives. However; Ejder was able to protect the lives of the crew making Ejder Yalcin as a real combat proven TWCV.

In terms of ballistic protection, Ejder offers overall-360 degrees- protection that means not only the protection of crew against firings from sides but also the roof section of the crew compartment as well as the engine compartment. Protection of the roof plays especially critical role in urban conflicts since attacks to the vehicle quite often come from high levels of buildings in the conflict theater.

Loss of mobility due to attacks to engine is another significant concern at conflict zones which may stop armed and security forces to go further and intervene to the conflict or which may hinder armed and security forces to get out of ambush zones. Thus ballistic protection of the Ejder Yalcin engine compartment assures the mobility of the vehicle even under direct hits to the engine. And there have been many incidents where Ejder Yalcin kept its mobility even under fierce attacks to its engine.

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Run-flat tires are also source of important element of the vehicle survivability at conflicts. Ejder has proved to go more than 50 km at flat tires in the tests. And beyond tests, in all of the reported cases where vehicle tires were attacked at conflicts, the vehicle was able to go on flat tires out of ambush zone into safe places.

Last but not least, Ejder Yalcin also offers self-protection features like automated fire-extinguisher solutions for the crew cabin, engine compartment, above the wheels and the body, as well.

As a summary, Ejder Yalcin had been initially designed to offer highest possible survivability features in his segment taking experience of Turkish elite fighting forces from theatre into account and has been improved during the course deployment since 2014. Today, looking at the performance of those hundreds of vehicles in service, Ejder Yalcin has proven himself in securing the lives of armed and security forces so many times that it deserves to be called as “Survivor”.

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