The UK’s upcoming Integrated Review could significantly shake up the structure, focus and funding of the country’s armed forces. We speak to defence insiders to get their views on which areas could get a boost and what could get the boot at the end of the review.

Also in the next issue, we speak to Dstl scientists about the potential of quantum computing for military applications, and take a look at a new wave of investments in drone technology in the UK. We also explore whether the UK’s plans for carrier strike groups will come together despite the threat of funding shortages, and speak to the organisers of Euronaval 2020 about key topics for the naval sector.

Armed forces have made huge progress in removing barriers for women to participate fully in military roles of all levels. Early adopters like NASA have been paving the way for decades by using gender-neutral language such as ‘uncrewed’, but now even the most persistent terms, such as the RAF’s use of ‘airman’, are on their way out. In a special feature in our next issue, we discuss the evolution of gender-neutral military terms and why they matter in building more inclusive armed forces.

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