Optimum Vehicle Logistics

Military Vehicle and Spare Parts Distributor

Optimum Vehicle Logistics (OVL), is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI USA with a regional facility in Sharjah, UAE. OVL is an authorized and independent dealer of defense vehicles for Armed Forces across the globe. Together with the end-user, we identify the vehicle specifications and establish the best solution for the customers’ needs. Once in service, OVL continues providing sustainment support.

Our complementary support capabilities include spares parts, upgrades, life extension programs, technical training, and customer tailored kitting solutions. OVL partners with local industry to provide end-users with special programs such as technology transfer, consignment inventory and JIT programs. OVL maintains a ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.

OVL is an authorized distributor for FNSS, Oshkosh Defense, Navistar Defense, General Dynamics (Canada) and JLG to name a few of the larger brands. In addition, OVL is a committed stocking distributor which brings value add to our customers and their ability to keep fleets in operational readiness condition.

Major Platforms Supported

Wheeled Vehicles

  • M35
  • M813
  • M911 (HET)
  • M915
  • M977 (HEMTT)
  • M1070 (HET)
  • 5000 & 7000 Series Haulers
  • LAV
  • ASV/Commado/M1117
  • FMTV

Tracked Vehicles

  • M113
  • M60
  • M88
  • M109
  • M1 Abrams

Other Equipment

  • Forklifts, Scissor Lifts, Telehadlers, and Other Material Handling
  • Geerators
  • M1101/1102 Trailers
  • Vehicle Itercoms
  • Maitenance Tools
  • Groud Support Equipment

Former US Army M113A3 Surplus Vehicles for Sale

  • M113A3         Personnel Carrier / Ambulance
  • M1068A3      Command and Control
  • M577A3        Command and Control
  • M1064A3      Mortar Hatch Cover / Support
  • M113A3
    Personnel Carrier / Ambulance
  • M1068A3
    Command and Control
  • M577A3
    Command and Control
  • M1064A3
    Mortar Hatch Cover / Support

OVL is extremely quality conscious. We validate, measure, photograph and catalog every part that moves through our facility. Parts are packaged to rigorous international shipping standards. This philosophy ensures that global customers receive the goods they’ve ordered in a timely manner and without interruption. The company’s annual rejection rate of .04% is a testimony to the quality service of OVL.

Contact Details

Optimum Vehicle Logistics

6110A North Flint Road

Milwaukee WI 53209, USA

+1 414·351·3200

+1 414·351·3300