Desktop Trainer Stations with Steel Beasts Professional

Steel Beasts replicates fire control systems of a wide range of combat vehicles as well as a number of remote controlled weapon stations. The software tracks all gunnery relevant events and records them with fire control system state information as well as simulated environmental data such a crosswind.

The immediate use of virtual simulations, if combined with partial instrumentation such a control handle replicas, or networked with battlefield management system devices, covers more than 80% of all combat related crew activities. While maintaining a high level of fidelity, costs of under 10,000.- Euros per seat are quite possible.

This allows for parallelization of gunnery and crew procedure drills, thus making training of combat vehicle crews more efficient. The limited capacity of high fidelity simulators can be re-focused on the remaining 20% of activities.

Legacy Trainer modernization with Steel Beasts Professional

eSim Games has formed successful partnerships with a variety of defense contractors for a broad spectrum of hardware and systems integration. These yielded modernizations of aging containerized legacy simulators. Thanks to these efforts our customers may continue to use these trainers for another decade or two, saving substantial amounts of taxpayer money.

Vehicle-appended Trainer solutions with Steel Beasts Professional

eSim Games and its partners offer integration with actual combat vehicles, thanks to a number of easy to use APIs. The most recent collaboration was the delivery of the PTOF gunnery trainer for the Dutch CV9035 in January 2018. Here the Steel Beasts software was interfaced with the actual turrets of the combat vehicle.

Steel Beasts Pro for Company‚ĶBrigade Level Exercises

Steel Beasts also enables tactical training, be it for fully manned company scale exercises, or formation maneuver exercises at battalion and brigade level.

Its offered span of control allows a single LOCON operator to control the mounted and dismounted combat of an entire mechanized platoon.

Crew positions not under human control will be effectively substituted by computer control. Minimal operator staff can maintain realistic procedures and simulation outcomes.

SB Pro offers the combination of serious wargaming with access to the virtual 3D battlefield for commander, staff, and unit operators at any location. Detailed mission recording support detailed exercise analysis.

About eSim Games

eSim Games is an independent software developer. Initial development on Steel Beasts started in 1995. The first version was quickly adopted by a range of military customers, for which numerous customizations were developed which were combined and released as the now current product line, Steel Beasts Professional.

eSim Games has its headquarters in Mountain View, California, with an additional office in Hannover, Germany. Primary customers are the land forces of European NATO members, and Australia.

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