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Rapid deployment sensors to guard against airborne chemical threats

Building on over 30 years of ground-breaking research, with NASA, NOAA, U.S. Army, and Air Force, Optical Scientific, Inc. has developed a world-wide reputation for accuracy and rugged reliability. OSI‘s product line of air/gas flow sensors, present weather sensors, and AWOS systems are recognized as leaders in the global market.

OSI products and systems are widely used in weather reporting for transportation, aerospace, environmental compliance in industry, and scientific data collection. We have established a world-wide reputation for

  • Air flow and weather sensors for remote sensing and environmental monitoring
  • Modular Automated Weather Observing Systems (MAWOS) scalable for every application from helipad to international airport.

In our constant search for new applications, we offer HazMET 100 portable weather stations for use of first responders, military personnel, industrial or chemical facilities – anywhere there is potential harm posed by release of hazardous substances into the atmosphere, whether by accident or malign intent.

HazMET100 system is a portable tactical weather station designed to be used in the event of a hazardous chemical release, environmental emergency, or gas attack. Especially configured to work with EPA’s ALOHA dispersion modeling program, HazMET100 can be deployed and transmitting atmospheric data to a distant monitoring base within minutes. No special tools required. Its simplicity makes it easy for untrained personnel to operate. Just set it up, switch it on, and go.

HazMET100 portability makes it a premier choice for rapidly evolving situations where speed in redeployment is necessary. Should even more flexibility be required, it can be mounted on a moving platform. In this mode, it will also transmit data showing heading, pitch & roll, ground speed, relative wind speed and direction.

The system features a WX-200 multi-sensor, control enclosure with microprocessor, long-range spread-spectrum radio, and rechargeable battery. The base modules are equipped with an RF modem to transmit ALOHA data by wireless. A separate serial-to-USB convertor is provided for wired RS 422 connection.

In wireless operation, the HazMET100 uses long range 902-928 MHz spread spectrum radio to automatically send wind speed, direction and air temperature data through a paired RF modem to a remote base site. Line-of-sight range on an ideal pathway is up to 9 miles with included 2.1 dBi omnidirectional antennas. An optional high gain antenna increases the range to 28 miles.

In wired operating mode, a serial connection drives a graphic display program (WeatherCaster™) that includes additional information from the multi-sensor such as GPS location, barometric pressure, humidity, wind chill factors, and dew points.

Whether in wireless or wired mode, HazMet 100 systems are capable of operating as stand-alone units – or they can be networked together to form an array to cover as wide an area as may be required.

HazMET100 can operate up to 4 continuous days on a fully charged battery (longer with the solar power option).

 Table 1: Areal weight comparison of glass and ceramic – glass composite armour windows (available on the market)

HazMET100™ Advantages

  • Easy installation
  • Portable system which reports wind, temperature, RH, barometric pressure and more.
  • Optional OWI-650 is easily added (present weather / precipitation / visibility sensor)
  • EPA Cameo/Aloha Data Format standard
  • Built in electronic compass eliminates need to align wind sensor North.
  • Battery or AC Powered; Solar power options available
  • Small size, light weight, rugged design, & easily deployed in under five minutes.
  • Spread spectrum radio
  • Designed for unattended operation
  • Virtually no maintenance required
  • Built-in self-diagnostics & testing

The basic system consists of the electronics enclosure, multi-sensor, and 9 foot (2.75 meter) tripod-base collapsible mast. HazMET 100 is supplied with a Pelican case which holds all system components (including any chosen options), and a carrying bag for the mast.

Available system options are:

  • 20W Solar Panel Option to extend operational life between battery charges
  • OWI-650 Optical Weather Identifier for complete present weather and visibility reporting​​​​​​​

 Table 1: Areal weight comparison of glass and ceramic – glass composite armour windows (available on the market)

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