A Start-up Company founded in 2014 only but with skilled Core Team based on 35 years Design & Development experience.

Our Vision

Umbria Aerospace Systems is an Italian aerospace company founded in 2014 joining two previously established companies, Umbria Electronic Systems and Umbria Aerospace Technologies, creating a more effective and efficient aerospace enterprise with high capability in integrated hydraulic electromechanical and electronic actuation systems. After almost three operating years, UAS is already well positioned in the global aerospace market being selected for several application by Europeans and Asians Customers.

UAS focus is oriented to supply ‘plug-and-play’ actuation systems, built to Specification, with electro-mechanical, electro-hydraulic and mechanical actuation systems supported and governed by integrated electronic controllers and SW embedded. The UAS strategy is to pursue a continuous development of its skills and technology through an R&D activity allowing detection and anticipation of the market and potential customer’s demand and needs.

Wheel Brake System Hydraulic

Wheel Brake System Electric

Landing Gear Control Systems

Steering Control Systems

Flight Control Systems

Smart Actuators

Hydraulic Power Generation Systems


Products & Services

  • Integrated Actuation Systems
  • Electronic & Software
  • Electro Mechanical Actuation
  • Electromechanical components: Linear Actuator, Rotary Actuator, Jack Screw, Rotary Sensor, Pilot Controls.
  • Hydraulic Actuation
  • Hydraulic Components: Valves, Actuators, Reservoirs, Filter Packages, Manifolds, Accumulators, Latches,
  • Key industries: 100% Aerospace
  • Key aerospace customers (% Commercial aviation, space, military, etc.) Commercial Aviation 65 %; Military 35%

Our quality system complies with:

EN 9100:2018 
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Umbria Aerospace Systems S.p.A.

Via Bufaloro, 21 – 06089 Torgiano (PG), Italy

Email: info@uas-group.com

PEC: uasystems@pec.it

P.I./VAT: IT 03354600540

Tel/Fax: 075 874 5519 – 075 988 8222 – 075 982 773