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Issue 123 • May 2021

Major General Sharon Nesmith was the first woman to command at the two-star level in the British Army and in January she was appointed to the role of General Officer Commanding the Army Recruiting and Initial Training Command. She talks to us about the challenges of recruiting and carrying out basic training during a pandemic, the importance of role models at all levels, and how teamwork and seeing around barriers are key to supporting diversity and achieving the army’s future success.

Rafael’s Fire Weaver sensor-to-shooter system has undergone successful trials with the German and US militaries and been selected by the Israeli Defence Forces. We look at it in action paired with a range of targeting and weapons systems, and find out how its artificial intelligence engine can help commanders make better decisions on the battlefield.

One of the most commonly-deployed attacks against global navigation satellite systems is spoofing - broadcasting signals with false information that imitate those from genuine satellites. We explore how defence departments and organisations are considering more resilient sources of place, navigation and time signals to bolster their defence capabilities.

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Berenice Healey, editor