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Turn-key Situational Awareness

Finnish High-Tech company Observis Oy develops and delivers comprehensive situational awareness and monitoring systems for military and public security organisations worldwide.

Observis is specialized in delivering flexible turn-key system configurations; the company is able to offer solutions from simple mobile area monitoring systems to complete reconnaissance vehicle networks and even up to turn-key deliveries of nationwide situational awareness systems. Through comprehensive interconnection of every system component the company’s renowned ObSAS software platform provides highly visualised real-time mission critical situational awareness for the operators and commanders.


Separate systems for separate tasks; separate information sources; fragmented information; delays in decision making

  • ObSAS interconnects separate systems and fuses the information to be displayed from one source for fast interpretation and decision making

You have existing proven hardware but need a new situational awareness system

  • ObSAS can replace your existing software and integrate your familiar proven hardware as a part of an entirely new system

New devices not compatible with existing system

  • ObSAS can bridge the gap between old and new. Replace your existing out-dated system with ObSAS and you are free to choose the best new hardware you need regardless of manufacturer and connection requirements.

Latest Technology

ObSAS is fast and lightweight, with an easy-to-use mapping interface. All information is visualized and displayed in real time within the system network. Reports of alarms and device statuses are automatically processed and stored into the system database. ObSAS is based on cloud architecture allowing the system to be installed in different configurations according to customer requirements.

Open Architecture

ObSAS can integrate with virtually any third-party device or system, including tactical control centre, battle or factory management systems. ObSAS is technology agnostic. In contrast to most system manufacturers providing their own hardware, Observis supplies the system, but also offers the customers the freedom to select any technology or any platform they need. That could be for a 6×6 armoured or light reconnaissance vehicle, a light vehicle or an underground shelter.

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