Welcome to the GDT Yearbook 2019!

As the year draws to a close we take a look back at some of the biggest defence and technology stories from 2019. We revisit the top concerns in cybersecurity with the UK's National Cyber Security Centre, check in on the US Army's ambitions to stay ahead in the electronic warfare game, and hear from Slitherine about the growing convergence between commercial gaming and military simulation.

We also round up some of the exciting developments in land vehicles, robotics and soldier technology from the past year, catch up with the US Air Force's plans to integrate artificial intelligence into aerial warfare and look at what lies ahead for US military space launches. Plus, we look at new technologies in the naval space, including the UK Dstl's Intelligent Ship programme, upgrades for the US Marines and a futuristic operations room design from BAE sytems.

Susanne Hauner, editor

Cover image: An F-35B operating on HMS Queen Elizabeth - one of the milestones for the Royal Navy this year. Crown Copyright / MOD