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Betalight b.v 

Leadingsupplier of Betalights, also known as Gaseous Tritium Light Sources (GTLS) and Gaseous Tritium Light Devices (GTLD). Our products are used widely in safety and emergency applications.

BETALIGHTS ARE UNIQUE, providing a highly reliable and continuous light source throughout a long service life of 15 years, without the need for any kind of electrical power, such as batteries or bulbs. Not any maintenance is needed. Therefore, the cost for use are very competitive. After its service life of 10/ 15 years the expired products will be held back for recycling or disposal.

Initially, the technology of Betalights was developed by the British MOD for applications in air travel. Original designs included helicopter rotor-tip markers, directional markers, exit signage and in-flight refuelling markers. These applications demonstrate the tough, durable nature of GTLS light sources, being deployed in extremely adverse environmental conditions, yet delivering stable, specified performance over 15 years without the need of any form of electricity. Recognizing the benefits to manufacturers and users, the technology was utilized for over 600 NATO stock numbers and more MOD applications for use in the air, at sea and on land. Today, GTLS are still used in many military sighting and applications including pistol sights, military watches and compasses.


  • Raw light sources
  • Tactical devices
  • Safety signs
  • Recycling & Disposal

What is a Betalight? 

A Betalight is a sealed glass capsule internally coated with a phosphorescent powder and filled with tritium gas to produce a continuous light throughout a service life of 15 years. Betalight offers you total design flexibility. The lights can be produced in straight tubes, disks and spheres to suit all individual applications. Sizes vary from the smallest tube, with a diameter of 0.3 mm and 1.3 mm length, up to disks of 90.0 mm diameter and tubes up to 200.0 mm in length.

The Betalight can be inserted in every product in nearly every hazardous area where a lamp is required. The betalight emits a cold, clear light and no electricity is needed, therefore, no fire or spark risk and making it an ideal technology for various applications.

Betalight tactical devices

Each device is supported by a detailed technical data sheet and can be identified by a NATO stock number. Every light source operates in temperatures from -60 °C to +80 °C, are water resistant, no heat is generated and are totally maintenance free.


  • Self-luminous torch
  • Hand bearing compass
  • Map reader
  • Soldier’s personal illuminator(SPI)
  • Self-luminous Aiming Post lamp

The self-luminous torch, which is a compact, lightweight, light source with reliable and secure illumination that does not affect night vision. The hand bearing compass provides users with a compass equipped a continuous and safe light source that preserves night-sight and enables readings to be taken quickly in partial and total darkness. The self-luminous map reader provide a secure and effective means for map illumination and magnification in darkness, without affecting night vision.

Furthermore, the soldier’s personal illuminator(SPI) is a lightweight, compact multi-purpose light source, capable of deployment as a torch, map-reader, personnel marker, route marker, and aiming post. Self-luminous aiming post lamp enable the establishment and maintenance of covert infantry and artillery weapon alignment in darkness. The self-luminous watches, Betalight illumination ensures that all watches have easy and immediate readability, and constantly glowing for up to 25 years.

Betalux safety signs and markers 

Betalux presents an innovative choice for exit signage. The most energy efficient emergency exit signs currently on the market, these versatile, tough and durable products are redefining the emergency signage sector.

Betalight self-luminous products meet all applicable fire and building codes and are available in a variety of finishes that complement any location. Ideally suited for applications where a reliable emergency exit sign is required. The durable construction of Betalight’s self-luminous products ensures constant, dependable operation for years to come.


  • Maintenance free
  • Completely waterproof (IP 67)
  • No heat is generated
  • Operates in temperatures from -60 °C to +80 °C
  • Suited for usage in hazardous atmospheres


  • Existing and new buildings
  • Heritage and cultural buildings
  • Remote and non-electrified locations
  • Offshore and underground construction projects
  • Hazardous atmospheres

Recycling and disposal of tritium light sources and other radioactive material

Our goal is to make the process of recycling or disposal of tritium light sources or light devices fast and easy. The time-expired Betalights will be removed for proper recycling or refurbishment. If necessary, new Betalights will be manufactured and installed.

We also have access to international disposal and recycling routes for most types of radioactive material. The complex nature of radioactive material recycling means that many organizations require guidance throughout the disposal or recycling process. We have the knowledge to advise and support you through this process.


  • DU metal, all uranium compounds (e.g. Uranyl nitrate)
  • All thorium compounds (e.g. Thorium nitrate)
  • Am-241, Am-241/Be, Cs-137, Kr-85 sealed sources
  • High active Co-60 sources

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