Improve your situational awareness

LINK your existing sensors and devices into a network in minutes

ObSAS LINK is a kit including a connection adapter, a mobile app and the ObSAS situational awareness system software. Just attach the adapter to your device, install the application to a mobile phone and start it up. With a couple of additional simple steps, without configuring anything, the system creates connections automatically and you are ready for your mission!

Upgrade your devices and your teams

Bridging the Gap

The fast development and miniaturisation of wireless networking technologies has made the world mobile in only a couple of decades. The growing interconnectivity of devices and stiystems is affecting our everyday lives at a breathtaking speed since technologies delivering real-time data and networkability have become inexpensive and available to all.

At the same time, the concept of networking of all tactical assets has become the foundation of defence, security and first responder operational playbooks. Pursuing this capability, however, may require substantial expenditure. While organisations may have an adequate amount of sensors and devices with plenty of lifetime left, the majority of those typically lack the networking properties. As a result, networking the assets often means replacing fully operational equipment with the latest versions at a quite high cost.


ObSAS LINK bridges the gap between modern and legacy technology. It connects all your handheld or portable chemical, biological and radiological detectors into one modular monitoring system. You are free to choose the best technology for your needs, be it your current proven detectors and analysers or entirely new next generation of devices. ObSAS LINK can connect all of them creating a full spectrum monitoring network.

The idea of ObSAS LINK is to enable network connectivity to virtually any device having data output capability. If a device doesn’t feature wireless connectivity, the ObSAS LINK adapter plugs into the detector’s physical communication port thus providing the connection to the user’s mobile phone wirelessly over Bluetooth. A mobile application then displays the data the device is producing and sends it to ObSAS situational awareness system through wifi or whatever available mobile network (3G, 4G, 5G, IP-radio, satellite, etc.) using secured connection.

Comprehensive Situational Awareness Solution

The ObSAS LINK is built on ObSAS platform which is the situational awareness software for the mission control. All the measurement data alongside with unit locations is shared with the control center and distributed to other ObSAS LINK units on the mobile applications’ real-time map interface. 

The user can also drop down POI tags on the map from detections or suspicious targets. The POI tags are shared with the ObSAS control as well as other ObSAS LINK units. The entire mission history i.e. the status and location of the devices as well as all events and incidents are stored for later evaluation and reporting.

Modernizing your detectors

ObSAS LINK enables full modernisation of existing detection devices at a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing of new devices. The mobile app can communicate with several detectors simultaneously providing rich, visualized view to the data produced by your devices. The map interface of the mobile app displays the location and status of your team in real time improving drastically the situational awareness of the field personnel. If anyone from your team gets an alarm, the alarm information is shared instantly with the whole team.

Upgrade your devices and your teams

Turn your existing fleet of devices into a mobile modern situational awareness system, cost effectively. 

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