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Issue 132 • February 2022

Defence is an early adopter of new technology, even if it can take a long time for developments to reach the battlefield. In this issue, we look at the technological forces of change offering armed forces new opportunities and presenting new challenges.

Despite naval assets being physically distanced from attack routes, the increased digitalisation of naval systems has introduced greater risks. We take a look at the approaches the US Navy and Royal Navy are taking to build their cyber-resilience.

China’s BeiDou constellation of position, navigation and timing satellites is the pride of Beijing’s space programme. We investigate how the Chinese military uses it.

The British Army began testing the new Apache AH-64E at Wattisham Flying Station at the beginning of 2022. We visited Wattisham to discover what has gone into making the attack helicopter more effective.

Military trucks are designed to operate in the most challenging and dangerous environments. We look at how manufacturers are integrating advanced capabilities and technologies into vehicles.

The US Department of Defense recently opened a new portfolio management office to help its agencies and commands accelerate the adoption of zero trust. We explain what zero trust is and why it’s important for defence.

C4ISR systems are essential for any military operation. We find out how they’re evolving to stay one step ahead of opposition forces.

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Berenice Healey, editor