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  • Smiths Interconnect is a leading provider of technically differentiated connectivity solutions that connect, protect and control critical applications in the Rail market.
  • Reliability is the essential attribute in the leading edge technologies that we utilize.
  • We offer proven quality, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions conforming to the main international railway standards.
  • Our application expertise ensures the design and manufacturing of cost-effective product platforms as well as completely tailored solutions from harshest railway conditions to harshest environmental conditions, including connectors, cable assemblies, and microwave.


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We integrate the highest performance contact technologies into a broad range of interconnect systems that provide reliable performance and protection against breakdown. Our broad suite of connectivity solutions comply with regulatory and application specific requirements and enjoy a reputation of excellence in the marketplace.

NEW Product Highlight

HDC Series*

HDC is a standard, heavy duty, modular connector series that conforms to IEC60664 and IEC61984 standards. Through the combination of different modules selected by the designer, the connector can handle different signal types such as power, signal, and data, without the need for separate connections. This flexibility makes the HDC series suitable for the electrical, optical, radio frequency, high-voltage, high-current, high-speed transmission for rail transportation, heavy machinery, wind energy, power systems, and photovoltaic and engineering equipment industries.

*HDC Series is a product from Huafeng Smiths Interconnect(HSI). HSI is a joint venture between Smiths Interconnect and Sichuan Huafeng Entreprise Group Co Ltd, specialized in the commercial aviation and railway markets in mainland China, providing ultra reliable and high-performance connectors and engineering solutions.

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TSX Series

High Frequency Surface Mountable Chip Attenuators

Smiths Interconnect is a leading provider of chip attenuators offering the widest selection of products from DC to Q-band, backed by proven performance and significant heritage. Chip components are offered on Alumina, Aluminum Nitride, Beryllium Oxide and CVD Diamond for a wide range of applications.

The TSX Series of chip attenuators pushes the boundaries of Size, Weight and Power in a cost effective, easy to implement surface mount solution, suitable for a wide array of applications. The TSX series offers excellent broadband RF performance to 50 GHz while delivering increased power handling in a small surface mount format factor.

The chip attenuator design offers 1 to 3 watts of power handling performance and multiple attenuation values are available for surface mounting. The use of a robust, proven all thin film proces technology on an alumina substrate provides a product suitable for harsh environments, such as those of Space and Defense applications.

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X-Band Microstrip Isolators, Circulators and Coaxial Components

X-Band coaxial and microstrip components are compact, high performance and space qualified. Several product of this offering are also used in terrestrial defense applications. Each device is optimized to operate over broad assigned frequency bands under the most rigorous of conditions. The designs have been qualified using our comprehensive suite of in house test facilities including thermal shock and cycling, sine/random vibration, mechanical shock and, where appropriate, continuous waveform and peak power under TVAC, critical power and seeded multipaction and are tested in accordance with customer specifications.

  • Broad band operation allowing maximum performance in radar and signal processing applications
  • Temperature stable, space qualified products available with qualification data
  • In-house facilities to test average, peak and multipaction/critical power, mechanical shock and sine/random vibration
  • Sample data and test reports available to assist the design and qualification process
  •  ITAR free

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HR-CTX series DC-64 GHz Chip Termination

The HR-CTX high frequency termination series offers excellent broadband performance up to 64GHz and unrivalled power rating capability up to 5 Watts in a small 0404 package. Its small footprint allows customers to save space and weight on the board, while the total thin film design optimized on Aluminum Nitride offers a high power dissipation.This lightweight and very compact termination ensures optimized return loss for multiple frequency bands and a wide array of applications. This allows the customer to use a single chip in multiple applications, reducing the total cost of ownership.

The HR-CTX high frequency termination series is qualified for space applications, eliminating the need for customer’s inhouse qualification. It is supplied with all the necessary test and qualification data to ensure flight compliance.

  • Power rating up to 5 Watts, increased by up to 5x over alternative solutions
  • Frequency rating DC to 64 GHz with optimal broad band performance
  • Excellent VSWR (1.25:1 Typical)
  • Total thin film construction
  • Reduced footprint allowing for space and weight savings on the board: 0.040" x 0.040" x 0.015"
  • Space qualified based on MIL-PRF-55342

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Our Services

We offer

Dedicated Defense Product Team with over 100 years of collective experience

  • 4-Step Design Process
    • Collaborated visits to understand customers’ requirements
    • Conceptual designs / cost estimates
    • Prototype / Proof of Concept
    • Pre-production to Production
  • In-house capabilities encompassing design, development, manufacturing, and testing to respond quickly and accurately to customers’ needs and provide the most reliable connectivity solutions:
    • Custom housings & cable assemblies
    • Environmental sealing
    • Compliance with major MIL-DTL standards
    • Rapid prototyping
    • Extensive test laboratory

Success stories and Latest News

Optical interconnect for upgraded military aircraft sub-systems

Military aircraft either consist of rotary-wing or fixed-wing aircraft that are used for combat or surveillance missions, or for the transportation of military personnel and supplies. Many of the global military aircraft fleets are designed to be in service for decades. Nowadays, because of budget constraints, defense administrations are focusing on upgrading and retrofitting the existing fleet of aircraft with advanced avionics, flight control, weapons, and other systems to make their aircraft more efficient and keep pace with the changing nature of modern warfare. In addition, several surveillance systems are being installed in airplanes as emergency warning systems to enhance aircraft situational awareness of pilots and reduce their workload. Special mission airplanes and UAVs are also being deployed for reconnaissance and surveillance missions across land and maritime borders, which necessitates the retrofitting of communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) systems into existing military fleets.

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Smiths Interconnect flies high on F-35 aircraft

Feb 25 2021

Working with principal partners to deliver safety, reliability, and performance

All military programmes are valuable contracts to secure as they are typically long-term commitments that will generate stable future revenue for the businesses. The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II (previously known as Joint Strike Fighter/JSF) programme falls into this category, dating back to the late 1990s when the need for a 5th Generation aircraft began to evolve.
The F-35 Lightning II is a family of single-seat, single-engine, all-weather stealth multirole combat aircraft that represent a quantum leap in air dominance capabilities. It is the first 5th generation multi role aircraft to reach service, offering significant updates over previous generation jets. Intended to perform superior air dominance, F-35 are also able to provide electronic warfare and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities. Integration and interoperability between allies have also been a key driver in the technology development. 

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Intercompact connector series consolidates the strong partnership with Grafikontrol

Sep 21 2020

Smiths Interconnect receives contract from General Atomics to develop multi-function RF microwave assembly for Air-to-Air Radar System

Grafikontrol recently turned to Smiths Interconnect for an interconnect solution; this was for a new register control system for automatic graphic control in machines for commercial and newspaper printing.

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Article and Webinar

Planar Filters Continue to Advance

A primary goal of every RF subsystem today is size reduction — without reducing performance and without increasing cost — while operating at millimeter-wave frequencies that have been only sparsely occupied until now. So, it is interesting that long before surface acoustic wave (SAW) and bulk acoustic wave (BAW) technologies reduced the achievable size of filters by orders of magnitude, the microstrip filter has been doing the same thing since 1952. They remain one of the most important types of filters in engineers’ toolkits, and they have been enhanced over the years through the use of various dielectric substrate materials and design techniques.

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High Frequency Spring Loaded Interposers for Space and Defence

Today manufacturers of equipment for applications involved in severe environments have to keep pace with the emerging technologies and system design requirements. Spring Probe Interposers are a mature technology that has been gaining popularity in Defence & Space applications over the last two decades due to their small form factor, light weight, and versatility.

Spring Probe Interposers offer high frequency, high density, low profile, solderless board to board or device to target interconnects that have a high mating cycle life, immunity to shock and vibration, and save weight and space in payloads. Spring Probe Interposers offer a high compliance ratio that can solve board to board tolerance stack issues, have more flexibility for device misalignment and can be blind mated.

Learn from our experts how Spring Probe Interposers can be designed with varying stack heights within the same connector and to exact customer footprints incorporating component cut-outs, latching features and gaskets for ingress or shielding.

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