A cornerstone of NATO is the ability to get troops from the US to Europe in order to defend its member states, but after years of budget cuts and diminished infrastructure spending, these abilities are ever tested. Next month we speak to US Army Europe and the Atlantic Council to find out what steps need to be taken.

Also in the next issue, we speak to DARPA and Lockheed Martin about the first stage of Project Blackjack, a constellation of low earth orbit satellites for the US Department of Defense, catch up with the US Air Force’s competition for electronic VTOL aircraft – dubbed ‘flying rucks’, and take a look at what’s new in tethered UAVs for military applications.

Plus, we find out how the integration of AI into shipyard operations can help solve maintenance scheduling problems, and we mark the 25th anniversary of GPS reaching full operational capability with a look back on how the technology has transformed military operations.

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