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EasyVista Self-Help & Chat Bots exist to deliver real time cost savings while greatly improving user experiences. The EasyVista tool can reduce training times, cut onboarding costs and has a wide variety of organisational service applications. EasyVista Self-Help & Chat Bots are truly designed with defence functions in mind

  • Reducing IT service requests by over 30%.

  • Reducing onboarding times by up to 70%.

  • Fully device agnostic (PC, Tablet & Mobile).

  • Offering On-prem and SaaS deployment.

  • Completely codeless configuartion.

  • Integration with most major IT tools and systems.

  • Cyber security compliant and certified.

  • 24/7 support.

Reducing Training Times:

With EasyVista you can automate training functions and instructional pieces through automated flows. Whether it is the rapid deployment of a new tool or changes to policies and procedures the EasyVista tool can speed up information delivery and allow for an endlessly wide deployment all automatically.

With the seamless integration of video, images and a whole host of other media the knowledge can easily be passed on to your personnel and forever be available for future access and reassessment. The integration with communications tools means that personnel can share knowledge with other team members or can effortlessly request feedback or support from managers and other assisting staff.

Whether it is a new device in the field or a new software solution in the office the EasyVista Self-Help and Chat Bot product can make training fast, easy and effective.


The ever-growing nature of the defence industry means that new personnelare joining on a weekly basis which when added to a long list of changing subcontractors and third party suppliers means that well-organised inductions and onboarding are essential.

The intelligent flows that are built into the EasyVista solution mean that these processes become incredibly simply and fully automated. All the forms, reporting and information is automatically delivered through the Easyvista platform with easy-to-understand steps and integrated procedures and sign offs.

The browser and device agnostic nature of the solution means that EasyVista procedures and flows can be delivered to anyone around the world with a simply sign on process and completely mobile operation. EasyVista utilised in this fashion has been tried and tested to deliver a truly simple and efficient onboarding/induction experience all while saving time and money from the organisational perspective.

IT Service:

EasyVista can also be implemented to assist in the day-to-day queries that come to the IT service desk. The solution is designed to walk the user through each of the required steps with the aim of solving the issue before an IT ticket ever needs to be created. Whether it is a password reset request, a problem accessing outlook or an issue signing into a device these problems can all go away with the help of EasyVista.

By deflecting upwards of 30% of tickets away from the IT service desk EasyVista saves IT teams a whole lot of time and money while simultaneously allowing users to get instant answers to their IT problems enabling them to efficiently resume their tasks. Regardless of if you are out in the field or working from home the EasyVista solution solves your problems and saves you time, your IT department work and your organisation money.

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