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Armour Mobility products for Toyota Land Cruiser 300

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TSS International: decades years of experience and expertise in vehicle security and mobility.

TSS specialises in Grade-A products and services focused on all-round vehicle security and mobility. Whether it be Runflat Systems (flat-tyre mobility), Protected Fuel Tanks (explosion-, flame- and leakage-protection), Brake System Upgrades, Two-way Vehicle Intercoms, Heavy-Duty Wheels (1800kg payload) or Anti-Terrorism Products, TSS has a solution for you. We proudly manufacture TSS ProtecTank and TSS Heavy-Duty Wheels and are official distributors of SEMA World anti-terrorism products, B&G Electronics vehicle intercoms, MOV’IT Security Brake Systems, Hutchinson Rock Monster Wheels, Skydex Shock Mitigation Mats, JRZ Heavy Duty Suspension and Talos Under-Car IED-detectors.

TSS International BV focuses on keeping special purpose vehicles moving. Often, these vehicles are armoured conversions of commercial vehicles. These include SUV’s such as the Toyota LandCruiser, Nissan Patrol, Mercedes G-class, VW Touareg and Chevrolet Suburban. Limousines served include the Mercedes S-class, Audi A8, BMW 7-series, Hyundai Equus, Maybach 62S, Bentley Mulsanne and many more. Besides these passenger vehicles, TSS also has solutions for various truck applications, such as Riot Control, Military, Off-Road, High Value Transportation (or CIT) and Utilities.

As these vehicles and their passengers often operate in increasingly dangerous areas, their mobility becomes even more important. Therefore, a reliable package of mobility and safety products is crucial.

Wheel protection, heavy duty brakes, explosion proof and self-sealing fuel tanks, two-way intercoms and bomb-detection are all part of the product line-up which enable uninterrupted mobility under the toughest of circumstances. If the vehicles need to go off-road, TSS can even provide a Central Tyre Inflation System, which allows for optimal tyre pressure in varying road conditions.

Latest developments at TSS International BV:

  • Complete brake system for armoured Toyota LC300, including OEM-compatible Parking Brake!

  • TüV-Certified Heavy Duty Wheel for the Toyota LC300 with 2.250kgs payload!

  • TSS has been named official distributors of JRZ Suspension for the armoured vehicle market

  • Complete vehicle braking system for armoured Mercedes-Benz G-Class, including fully functional Electronic Parking Brake
  • Armoured-LC300 Sway Bars, including brackets and bushings
  • TSS has launched a new website:!

Coming soon:

Armour Mobility products for Toyota Land Cruiser 300

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TSS Heavy Duty Wheels

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TSS Heavy Duty Wheels (PDF download)

Latest development: Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Heavy Duty Wheel with a TüV-approved payload of 2.250kg!! See the section Rodgard Runflat Systems for information about the FINABEL-tested Heavy Duty BPX Runflat insert.

TSS has developed a solution for civilian armoured vehicles which have become too heavy for the OEM wheels. A robust design, special alloy and rigorous testing have resulted in a reliable solution with runflat capabilities for armoured vehicles ranging from heavy duty SUVs to luxury limousines.

TSS Heavy Duty Wheels have been tested by the German TüV at payloads up to 2.250kg. They have even been ballistically tested by TNO in the Netherlands. X-rays after multiple shots with AK47 bullets show that there are no hairline fractures!

Designed in close collaboration with renowned runflat insert manufacturer Rodgard, these wheels are a perfect combination with the Rodgard BPX Runflat system. This means: excellent performance, high payload and easy installation.

TSS Heavy Duty Wheels are available in 18” versions (payload ranging from 1.600kgs up to 2.250kgs) and 20” versions (1.600kg payload).

TSS ProtecTank

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TSS ProtecTank ® (PDF download)

When armouring a vehicle, the fuel tank is an especially sensitive component of the vehicle. A crucial, easily penetrable and highly flammable component, if it is not protected properly. Often, steel armour is the first choice of protection, but this adds a lot of weight to the already heavy vehicle and is labour intensive.

TSS has developed a protective treatment which assures that the original fuel tank is covered with a flame retardant and self-sealing coating, limiting the dangers of penetration and flames. An explosive suppressant treatment is also available upon special request.

TSS ProtecTank is a treatment which saves weight and keeps fuel where it is most valuable: inside the tank.

TNO Laboratories in the Netherlands and the Beschussamt Ulm in Germany have tested and approved TSS ProtecTank for its self-sealing capabilities. Certificates and test results are available upon request.

MOV’IT Security Brake Systems

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MOV'IT Security Brakes (PDF download)

New products:

  • Complete vehicle braking system for armoured MB G-Class and Toyota LC300 with fully functional Electronic Parking Brake!

Armoured vehicles are designed with the greatest care, and one priority: protecting the people inside it! However, this protection comes with a side-effect: extreme weight. To be able to safely stop the vehicle, requires an extreme brake system: MOV’IT Security Brakes.

These German engineered and manufactured brake systems consist of steel brake callipers, with a balanced piston-configuration, optimally using the vehicle’s brake system and respecting the pressures required to get an optimal performance.

The brake discs are larger in diameter and width than the OEM discs and drilled & internally ventilated for efficient cooling. Over-heating and fading are no longer an issue.

MOV’IT Security brake pads make optimal use of the larger brake discs, providing an instant performance on a large friction area. 

Tested at pressures up to 290 bar, MOV’IT Security brake lines assure a constant and firm system pressure and a quick and reassuring pedal response. Teflon coating over a braided stainless steel reinforcing sleeve also make sure there is no pressure loss in the heat of the moment.

MOV’IT Security brake systems are available for many applications, including but not limited to the Toyota LandCruiser 200; Chevrolet Suburban 2500; Nissan Patrol Y62; Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen, Sprinter and S-Class; and Mitsubishi Pajero.

Rodgard Runflat Systems

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Rodgard Runflats (PDF download)

Latest development: The latest generation Rodgard BPX Runflat has been improved for better performance and easier and quicker installation. Tested according to FINABEL standards, this runflat insert is also the strongest runflat available for Civilian Armoured Vehicles, easily handling payloads of up to 2000kgs!

Mobility is an (armoured) vehicle’s most valuable asset. A single flat tyre abruptly robs the vehicle of its mobility. With Rodgard Runflat systems, a car can keep driving with even multiple flat tyres.

Supporting the tread of the tyre, Rodgard Runflat systems ensure full control of the vehicle with deflated tyre(s), allowing the driver to get out of a dangerous situation and navigate to a safe stopping place.

With decades of experience in the industry, Rodgard Runflats are the preferred product for many OEM’s, NGO’s and police forces all over the world. Working closely together with TSS International, Rodgard has developed a special insert for TSS’ Heavy Duty Wheels, allowing even the heaviest commercial armoured vehicles to make maximal use of their mobility.

Rodgard Runflat systems can be fitted on most 1-piece wheels and are available world-wide, with sizes ranging from 15” to 22.5” and runflat performance ranging from 15km to 80km.

B&G Vehicle Intercoms

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PW150/250 (PDF download)

In many armoured vehicles, the ability to open the door-windows has been disabled due to the armoured glass. However, even if the windows can be opened, this is always a risk in hostile environments. Therefore, it is wise to use an intercom system to communicate with people outside the vehicle when encountering a roadblock or checkpoint. With microphones and speakers discretely installed on the inside and outside of the vehicle, communication from inside the safety of your armoured vehicle is enabled!

Other configurations and options:

  • Red/blue and/or yellow/white emergency lights for in the vehicle’s grill
  • Public Address strength loudspeakers
  • Communication within compartments (i.e. ambulance, limousine)
  • Active Battery Monitor for vehicles with multiple batteries

SkyDex IED-shock mitigation

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TSS Specialties (PDF download)

Under-vehicle blasts can cause serious injury to the occupants of a vehicle: the energy of the blast displaces the armoured steel up to 4cm in microseconds, potentially crushing the feet and lower legs resting on the floor.

Installing SkyDex shock mitigating floor mats can greatly reduce the chance of injury (up to 90% reduction), increasing the survivability for the crew of the armoured vehicle.

Used in 24.000 MRAPs worldwide, SkyDex Convoy Deck is a combat-proven product, now also being used in dozens of VR9-armoured LC200s in the EU.

In addition to improving the survivability for the passengers and driver, SkyDex Convoy Deck can also be used to reduce weight, if it is integrated in the vehicle’s design. Weighing less than 1kg per square meter, it is a very light product, with very big potential.

For more information about SkyDex, visit our Website or contact our sales team.

JRZ Heavy Duty Suspension

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JRZ Armored & Military (PDF download)
JRZ suspension stage 1 (PDF download)
JRZ suspension stage 2 (PDF download)

New: Complete vehicle suspension sets for armoured conversions of the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 (with swaybars, bushings & brackets) and the newest Mercedes-Benz G-Class!

TSS understands the importance of product synergy. Emergency situations, which in the context of an armoured vehicle are by definition life-threatening, demand the highest level of interoperability. There is no point in having fantastic brakes if your tires and suspension are not up to standard. That is why TSS International BV is proud of its latest addition to its Armour Mobility product portfolio: JRZ Heavy Duty Suspension.

JRZ’s shock absorbers are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. TSS’s goal is to deliver a complete package with springs and sway bars, suitable for armoured vehicles and their increased weights and changed vehicle dynamics.

Shock absorbers are available in three different variants.

  • Stage 1: Budget-friendly dampers with a fixed valving covering a wide range of vehicle weights (up to 5800kgs)
  • Stage 2: Standard non-adjustable, (adjustable variant available upon request), where damping is optimised with a special JRZ foot valve with frequency responsive blow-off valve for optimal control during cornering and braking and excellent off-road characteristics;
  • Stage 3: High end system with external reservoir with unique frequency responsive blow-off system (as in stage 2) with an extra reservoir which gives a better heat dissipation and a larger gas volume;
  • Proactive: An optional addition to Stage 3 dampers, Proactive uses the fastest and most accurate valve (JRZ-patent) on the market today. The valve control unit with 3 axis acceleration and Gyro sensors calculate at 1000 Hz continuously during vehicle use for the highest level of comfort and performance.

Some other key features:

  • Custom-made for a wide range of armoured vehicle weights
  • Stage 2 and 3 dampers are designed, manufactured and tested in the Netherlands
  • Use of steel spherical bearings for durability under increased weights
  • Better handling & traction
  • Increased stability of the vehicle body
  • Extended shock absorber service life
  • Easy spare parts traceability
  • Private branding possible

Contact TSS International BV to find out about the possibilities of JRZ Suspension for your armoured vehicle, for example the brand new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 and Mercedes-Benz G-Class