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Lead with smarter networks

Connect your operations and C4ISR systems with secure, pervasive, programmable, and highly reliable, high-bandwidth communications. Connect millions of sensors for ultimate IoT control and build a strategic advantage with rich, multimedia information, remote robotics and artificial intelligence. Trust Nokia and Nokia Bell Labs, a worldwide leader in 5G innovation and mission critical networks, to plan and build your communications for net-centric defense operations.

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Put 5G to work for defense

Automate defense operations and enhance force situational awareness. 5G wireless networks can power new services from command and control, to base operations and security, training, logistics, maintenance, personnel recovery, base utilities and more.

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'Innovate and lead’

Ensure operational continuity while modernizing your network to IP 

With legacy TDM equipment reaching end of life, the Department of Defense (DoD) has been given a tight timeframe to migrate to future-proof, IP-based networking. But as you make that transition, you can’t forget mission-critical legacy, TDM-based applications. Nokia has a seamless solution that allows agencies to ensure older applications keep running, while transitioning your network to IP.

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Secure your networks for the 5G, IoT and cloud era

With millions of connected devices, sensors and people, the cyber attack surface is growing dramatically. Support for a wider variety of new and often critical services, will require strengthened security to protect sensitive information. This demands a new approach to network security operations that is both predictive and automated.

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