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Issue 129 • November 2021

Digitalisation is dominating defence innovation and, done correctly, it will enable the next steps in multidomain integration. However, it carries with it an enhanced risk of cyberattack.

In May the UK MOD published its Digital Strategy for Defence which sets out how the defence digital function will enable access to data by delivering a secure, singular, modern digital backbone. We take a look at how digital twin technology could absorb some of the complexity of the MOD’s networks.

Much western cyberwarfare policy very clearly implies that Russia is one of the adversaries our systems must defend against, but what is Russia’s policy? We look at how cyberwarfare fits into the Russian concept of operations and what effects the country envisages it achieving.

The Map the Gap competition, run by Dstl on behalf of DASA, aims to find new ways to help UK Armed Forces cross a body of water – the ‘wet gap’ – safely and covertly while increasing the tempo of operations. We talk to Dstl about the challenges and look at some proposed solutions

And as defence moves towards a sustainable model, we look at the role new power systems play in reducing emissions and responding to climate change.

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Berenice Healey, editor