In this issue

The US Navy is investing in unmanned underwater vehicles for near-term deployment, from autonomous minehunters to weaponised options. We check in on the tech in development and recently tested systems to find out what their future capabilities could encompass.

We also explore the US Navy’s future strategy in light of comments made by the Chief of Naval Operations that the navy’s ballistic missile defence patrols should be terminated in favour of a land-based BMD solution.

In technology, we speak to Hensoldt about its new Local Situational Awareness System for armoured vehicles, review the most interesting tech from Farnborough Airshow, and investigate the ongoing performance and cost problems plaguing the Watchkeeper UAV programme.

Plus, we find out why Russian and American dominance of the cybersecurity market could mean countries looking for an IT systems provider will also end up choosing a political ally, and whether this development could lead to a new cyber cold war.