Armed forces have made huge progress in removing barriers for women to participate in military roles at all levels, but gendered language – for example terms such as ‘airman’ and ‘unmanned’ - remains a barrier. We find out about efforts underway in the UK to adopt gender-neutral defence language, which will be a significant step in improving inclusivity. It’s a cause close to our hearts here at GDT, so we have decided to join these efforts by using neutral terms where possible. You may notice we are now using the term ‘uncrewed’ instead of ‘unmanned’, and we’ll continue to update the language we use as new terminology evolves.

Also in this issue, we find out which military capabilities could be cut after the UK’s integrated review, and investigate whether the UK’s carrier strike groups can reach their full potential given the current uncertainties about investment and F-35 procurement. Plus, we speak to a Dstl quantum expert about the potential of quantum computing for military applications, hear from the organisers of Euronaval about what to expect from the event in Paris next month, and take a look at the UK's future air defence strategy.

Susanne Hauner, editor