The defence industry briefing

News in numbers


Funding shortfall in the the Pentagon’s five-year budget plan for the F-35, according to a document obtained by Bloomberg News


Budget approved for investments in IT and weapons for the German military

6 months

Expected waiting time for reimbursements to industry under the US Covid-19 relief act


Target for the first US live trials of AI-controlled aircraft vs human pilots


Number of troops the US is withdrawing from Iraq - more than one third of the total 


Number of nuclear warheads China could acquire by 2030 according to a US Government report


Latest US Navy estimate for when the carrier USS Gerald R. Ford will be ready to deploy

In pictures

Pacific Vanguard formation

Warships from the Royal Australian Navy, Republic of Korea Navy, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and US Navy sail in formation during exercise Pacific Vanguard 2020. Image: Official Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

Typhoons take off to play enemy

Typhoons take off from RAF Lossiemouth to take part in Exercise Point Blank over the North Sea. The Typhoons are providing the 'enemy' for this exercise, which is an important role that adds a significant challenge to the other exercising aircraft. Video: Crown Copyright / MOD

Picture-perfect launch

A Falcon 9 SAOCOM-1B rocket launches from Space Launch Complex-40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida on 30 August. Image: US Space Force

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