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Schill Reglerteknik AB is the market leader in supplying weapon alignment products and services. The Swedish company was founded in 1986 and has since been supplying its products in more than 25 countries all over the world. Their customers include e.g. weapon system OEMs and integrators, shipyards and navies.

New unique tools for fault detection and tracing in naval weapon systems

Today’s naval C4ISR systems are far more complex, integrated and capable than previous weapon system generations with shorter acronyms. But even if the systems include the latest concepts of autonomous functions, intelligent ammunition and more they still have to control the weapons with sufficient accuracy to destroy the target. Consequently, the Control function (which is the third C in C4ISR) is vital, and poor performance would put both your own ship and cooperating ships at great risk. So how can you verify that the complete system from sensor (tracker) to weapon is functioning correctly?


Ideally, each ship would need to carry out extensive full scale firing tests, in all possible scenarios and environmental conditions in order to verify the performance of the weapon system. However, to perform this task completely would be very expensive and time-consuming and is therefore not realistic. In addition, the results of firing tests are quite hard to analyze. Generally, the verification of the Control function is made through a series of challenging steps; by simulation in the design phase, static and dynamic alignment after installation, built-in function supervision in run-time and gradually acquired experience of firing tests over time. As experts in this field, Schill has carried out alignment of various weapon systems for many different customers over a period of 30 years. Schill experienced repeatedly that their accurate and versatile alignment equipment detected previously unknown malfunctions in the weapon systems. In fact, some of the malfunctions were not even known to the customer 10 years after commissioning of the weapon system. 

the solution

Schill has developed unique tools for detection and tracing of faults and inaccuracies in weapon systems in connection with static and dynamic alignment. The faultfinding tools comprise of a set of special software functions and procedures integrated in the Aligner 308 Ship Alignment System and the Aligner 224 Optical Tracking Evaluation System. The basic idea is to systematically check the angular errors of trackers and guns, first with the ship alongside at dock, then during a subsequent sea trial. The tests include the complete chain of fire control, from sensor to weapon except Prediction (of the point of impact) and Ballistics. Based on the automatically presented results, you can often even trace a detected error to a specific weapon control function. Schill's tools have demonstrated striking efficiency in providing meticulous alignment for gun systems, which require the highest level of accuracy and precision.

for whom

The Aligner 308 Mk2 and the Aligner 224 Mk4 systems including the software tool for fault detection and tracing are ideal for all weapon system manufacturers and integrators, naval shipyards and navies who need to verify the performance of the Weapon Control function recurrently or after installation or modernization of the weapon system, or after upgrading of its software.


• Faults can be detected already with the ship moored in harbor instead of during a sea trial.
• Offers a systematic technique of verifying weapon system performance and finding faults.
• More cost-efficient and easier to analyze compared to firing tests.
• Enables detection and tracing of errors which otherwise might pass undetected for years.
• The software is integrated in Schill’s new Aligner 308 and Aligner 224 systems. Upgrade of previously delivered systems can be done conveniently by installing a software package. 

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