The CPT allows you to be ready for action

The CPT allows you to be ready for action quicker


We have a military background and based on years of training and operations. The CPT was developed to give your military or law enforcement operator an important adventage that can save lives.

The CPT is the answer for an unmet need, an innovative and disruptive tool that allows you to load your 30-round magazine in 4-8 seconds. You will have significant advantage over hand-loaded or even stripper clip mechanism. 

What is CPT?

CPT is short for Cartridge Package Tactical. It is a new patented concept to pack ammunition, which allows the user to load ammunition into the magazine in a swift and fast way. The CPT is an innovative way to load your magazine quickly under stressful conditions. The CPT allows you to load 30 rounds in a few seconds, compared to the normal packaging of ammunition which takes 1-2 minutes or to stripper clips, which take around 40 seconds

The Design of CPT:

CPT comprises two rows of cartridges. The capacity of the cartridge package is thus divided into two sub-compartments in the cartridge package.

The mouth portion of the cartridge package is identical in both sub-compartments of the cartridge package and the two sub-compartments are separated by a flexible intermediate wall. This construction makes it possible to load either row of cartridges first.

Supported Ammunition

What ammunition does CPT Support?

  • 5.56 Nato
  • 223 Remington
  • 330 Blackout

Please note:

When your unit, agency or academy is adopting the CPT, we will offer our support package which contains training manuals instructions as well as demonstrations.