Presence of reliability

Hatteland Technology designs and manufactures a broad portfolio of hardware products aimed at the naval and defense market. Our products are the link between human operators and today’s mission-critical systems.

Innovative product and technology combinations are a welcome addition to the naval and defense community. It is essential for any supplier to recognize the challenges, environments, and standards in a market that is completely committed to security in everything it does.

Providing the strongest and best solutions for the naval and defense sector requires the ability to offer tailored solutions for the highest quality in combination with the latest technology.

 Technology Options


Color Calibration / Verification



IoT / Cloud

Local LAN-Gateway-Cloud

TEMPEST Certified

On selected products

Optical Bonding

Enhanced viewing and optical performance


Night Vision Goggle proof

Platforms and Applications Supplied to all ship classes

  • Automation and Power Management

  • Battle Damage Control System (BDCS)

  • C4i - Combat Management, Command and Control (C4I)

  • CCTV applications

  • Conning

  • Diving and ROV operations

  • Dynamic positioning

  • General Alarm and Control

  • Integrated Platform Management Systems
  • Navigation - IBS / ECDIS / Radar

  • NVIS

  • Propulsion, Engine and Thruster control

  • Ship-helicopter operations

  • Switchgear



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