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Issue 130 • December 2021

This issue shines a light on future soldier systems, which aim to offer infantry troops an integrated set of worn and carried technology, backed up by a logistics supply framework, so they can better carry out dismounted missions in the near term.

We look into Inside Russia’s Ratnik soldier system, which represents how an overhaul of the Russian armed forces has manifested itself in the modernisation of dismounted troop equipment.

Land 125 Phase 4 is a programme to deliver an integrated soldier system to Australian Defence Force troops, integrating technology sourced from local suppliers. We talk to two of the four shortlisted teams about their bids.

Soldier-carried weapons and handheld battlefield situational awareness technology are at the heart of soldier systems. We take a look at the soldier systems reshaping dismounted combat.

Elsewhere we look at Saab’s deployable medical units, which are built on a flexible module concept for different requirements in forward operating bases and beyond.

In November, QinetiQ carried out a training demonstration for the UK Royal Navy, launching its Banshee Jet80+ aerial target from the deck of aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales for the first time.

And, as this is our last issue of 2021, we look back on the predictions for the defence industry we made at the beginning of the year and ask industry experts to predict themes for the year ahead.

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Berenice Healey, editor