Who We Are

National Institute for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection (SUJCHBO, v.v.i.) is an ISO-certified public research institution with more than 60 years of experience in safety and security related issues.

The Institute operates three specialized departments:

- Biological Protection Department

- Chemical Protection Department

- Nuclear Protection Department

Contact Details

National Institute for NBC Protection (SUJCHBO, v.v.i.)

Kamenna 71, 262 31 Milin, Czech Republic

Tel: +420 318 600 200

Fax: +420 318 626 055

E-mail: sujchbo@sujchbo.cz


Applied Research & Development

- focused on detection and identification of CBRN threats, physical protection measures against CBRN effects, mitigation of CBRN impact on human and environment

Security Research

- involved in national and international projects of the security research in the framework of the fight against terrorism and minimising adverse effects of serious industrial accidents

Member of the Czech Integrated Rescue System

- employing mobile laboratories; identification of potentially dangerous finds or suspicious consignments

- technical and analytical support on request, e.g. prominent political delegations, sports events etc.

Support for the National Authority

- technical support during inspections at workplaces handling CBRN materials and other required activities

Radon Metrology

- authorised metrological centre focused on the volume activity of radon

- determination of the radon index at a building site

- determination of the equivalent volume activity of radon in the internal environment, e.g. houses, workplaces etc.

Medical Examination & Person Monitoring

- aimed at the individual protective equipment and its proper usage in extreme conditions

- person monitoring under various (extreme) climatic conditions, e.g. firefighters

Large-Scale Testing

- focused on the development and execution of testing methods for the evaluation of protective equipment and/or decontamination systems in real conditions

- special laboratory modules fulfilling requirements for testing with CBRN compounds, including CWA, pathogens and toxins

Educational and Training Activities

- theoretical education as well as practical training in CBRN problematics

- basic-advanced-specialized professional training & education tailored on the customer requests

- for CBRN specialists: firefighters, first-responders, police/medical specialists

- live-agents training using real compounds