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Lithuania’s defence budget is forecast to grow to $2.2bn in 2027, up from $1.6bn in 2022, and follows on from ongoing historical growth according to analysis by GlobalData.


Flyaway cost of an F-35B Lightning II stealth fighter from low-rate initial production Lot 14 of the international programme, according to UK figures.


Nigeria’s military expenditure is anticipated to increase at a continuous annual growth rate of 13.3% to reach $5bn by 2027, a GlobalData forecast shows.


The number of French air bases where the Indra radar system will be installed


Elbit Systems’s annual revenue increase


Apache 6.5 concept to benefit from ITEP

US defence prime Boeing revealed that the Apache Version 6.5 concept will benefit from the Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP), providing an increase in power generation and output, allowing for improved loadouts for emerging weapons sets and sensors. In 2019 General Electric‘s aviation subsidiary won a potential $517.4m engineering and manufacturing development contract to provide a new turbine engine for the US Army’s Apache and Black Hawk helicopters.

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UK dips into booming global artillery market with M270A2 upgrade

The UK will upgrade nine of its M270 MLRS fleet to the A2 variant, as part of an ongoing recapitalisation of the fleet, which could also be doubled in size from its current number of around 40 vehicles. A Lockheed Martin official, speaking at AUSA 2022 in Washington, DC, confirmed to Global Defence Technology that nine UK M270 launcher units would be upgraded to the A2 variant, although declined to say whether the rest of the country’s fleet would also benefit from the process.

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I would not be able to tell you how much of that $21.7bn is going back to replenishment. I would not be able to do that from here.

Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh declines to provide a breakdown or refer media questions regarding a requested $21.7bn in Ukraine assistance funding as to how much will go to replenish US defence stocks.

// Credit: NIDS/NATO Multimedia Library

Credit: U.S. Air Force

If we just want to stay at home and do a bit of tootling around, we've got an armed forces big enough.

UK Secretary of State for Defence in an interview with The Times newspaper commits to the revamping of the armed forces amid a funding crisis that threatens to derail an aspirational hike in defence spending up to 3% of GDP.

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// With the US Army actively looking into hybrid propulsion for future land platforms, General Dynamics showcased its Abrams X concept at AUSA 2022 in Washington, DC, offering a electric-hybrid drive system for the legacy Abrams main battle tank. Credit: Richard Thomas

// AM General took the opportunity to demonstrate its Soft Recoil Technology at AUSA 2022, enabling a 105mm light gun to be fitted to a Humvee chassis for increase manoeuvrability. Credit: Richard Thomas

// At AUSA 2022 the US Army revealed that it had been given permission to acquire additional AMPV platforms (pictured) to replace 200 active M113 armoured personnel carriers that were donated to Ukraine. Credit: Richard Thomas

A US Army UH-60 Black Hawk of the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, Wings of Victory, flies over the Black Sea for maritime operations crew certification flights off the coast of Bulgaria on May 5, 2021, during Exercise Swift Response 21, part of DEFENDER-Europe 21. Credit: US Army

The British Army has sent almost 2,000 troops to Liverpool to help with the mass testing of residents for Covid-19. Image: Crown Copyright / MOD