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Defence Laser Modules
Target designation
Visible & IR Laser Illumination
Night Vision Enhancement

Small dimensions
Wide temperature band -40° +60°C
Shock and vibration resistant
High pointing stability

Product news

1535nm Erbium Glass Lasers

The FRLD-1535-XXXμJ-Q is a series of "eye-safe" 1535nm diode-pumped passively q-switched Erbium glass lasers with pulse energies between 10~700μJ and high peak powers. With dimensions of just 21~35 x 8 x 7mm (LxWxH) they are very compact and the optimal laser source for applications like laser range-finding, laser imaging and surveying equipment.

IR Laser Diodes CW and Pulse

830nm-1550nm operating in wide temperature range (-60° +80°C)
Application: rangefinders, target designators, IR laser illuminators for night vision equipment in space, avionics, infantry fire arms, battle tanks, navy

Mid-IR (1.5µm to 16µm) LEDs, Laser Diodes and PD

Application: sensors for security systems, smart weapons illuminators

Superluminescent Diodes

830-850nm operating in wide temperature range (-45° +85°C)
Application: fiber gyroscopes for 3D-positiong (avionics, missiles, battle tanks, navy)

Laser Diode Modules Red, Green, IR

operating in wide temperature range (-20° +85°C)
Application: target designators for fire arms

IR Laser Illuminator

Application: accessory to night vision equipment

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