The self-powered illumination allrounder for every situation

trigalight stands for the unique self-powered illumination technology with the world’s smallest gaseous tritium light sources (GTLS), delivering luminescence for decades without any external energy source.

trigalight, a brand of mb-microtec ag, is the inventor and global market leader in the development and production of the unique self-powered illumination technology. Their light capillaries – which are produced completely inhouse at the headquarters in Niederwangen, Switzerland – provide absolute precision in all visibility conditions. Thanks to their robust design, the maintenance-free glass capillaries are equipped with exceptional resilience against physical and thermal heat. 

Tactically equipped

The technology comes assembly ready with an additional protective sleeve for increased resistance, equipping it for tactical use. The new polymer insert is the latest addition to the existing collection of inserts and guarantees high performance at a reduced price. The modular insert provides consistent protection, easy integration, and comes with high temperature and chemical resistance to meet the demands of the professional defense industry.

Along with resilience and integration, visibility was improved: The extendibility of the base concept through a day ring in different colors and sizes provides ideal visibility in bright environments.


Targeted development

Since the invention of the self-powered technology in 1969, trigalight has fulfilled the highest quality standards for the application in the tactical field. For tactical forces, concentration, precision and reliability are essential. trigalight is targeted exactly towards their needs: Constant luminescence for decades, unwavering resilience and freedom from maintenance are the distinguishing factors of all trigalight products.



a brand of mb-microtec ag
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