Welcome to the latest issue of Global Defence Technology magazine 

With the climate focused COP28 event currently ongoing in Dubai (or indeed has since concluded, depending when you are reading this), the global impact of the world’s militaries on the planet’s climate is once again thrust to the fore. Debate continues as to how much a military – tasked with keeping a country safe – should adhere to climate targets, but it might not be as straight forward as that.

Meanwhile, the next generation of soldier armour systems are coming online, utilising new design and manufacturing techniques that are aimed to make the wearer safer than ever before in the battlespace, just as new threats emerge.

Also, don’t miss the latest insight into the China’s use of AI in cyberwarfare operations and how such technologies could have an impact on militaries and private industry serving their respective markets. One thing is for sure, the technological genie is out of the lamp.

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Richard Thomas, editor-in-chief