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Issue 121 • March 2021

How do you hide a tank from enemy sights? This is a problem the British Army’s Armoured Trials Development Unit has been trying to solve by developing a new multi-coloured digital camouflage scheme designed to make the Challenger 2 harder to spot. We caught up with the team behind the project and explore the technology involved as work continues to make the new camo pixel-perfect.

Climate change has been identified as both a cause of global conflict and a threat multiplier, and it is often the countries that contribute the least to greenhouses gases that are worst affected. We speak to RAND and the Environmental Justice Foundation about the connection between climate change and conflict and what it means for defence.

When we spoke to event organisers and exhibitors last year about the cancellation of events, many were optimistic about a return to normal business in 2021. But as lockdowns and travel restrictions continue, will defence exhibitions be able to open their doors anytime soon? We check in on what’s cancelled and what’s going ahead this year, and round up views from the industry on the return of live events. 

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Susanne Hauner, publisher