April 2021

Later this year, the UK’s Carrier Strike Group will set sail on its maiden deployment, a trip that will see HMS Queen Elizabeth transit the Pacific. We check out the strike group’s capabilities and explore the potential geopolitical repercussions of the deployment and the UK asserting its presence in the Far East.

Developing replacements for the in-service Black Hawk, Apache, Chinook and Kiowa helicopters, the US Army’s Future Vertical Lift programme will usher in a new era of rotary-wing power. We take a look at the contenders for the different programmes and how they stack up against the aircraft they will replace.

We also catch up with Babcock, one of the Royal Navy’s go-to suppliers for advanced surface vessels, equipment and support, about its plans for the year ahead, and speak to the CEO of Edge about the UAE conglomerate’s strategy for local and global defence markets.

Plus, we speak to DSEI’s space adviser Dr Michael Holden to find out why the event is putting a major focus on space capabilities and what we can expect to see this year.


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