CBRN Threat Detection Instruments

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Chemical Threat  Detection

Second Sight MS

Standoff Gas Cloud Detection Camera

Biological Threat Detection

Coriolis Recon

Portable air sampler for biological warfare agents detection

Radiological & Nuclear Threat Detection 

Saphymo’s expertise

- Environmental radiation monitoring systems
- Dose rate & survey meters 
- Radiation portal monitors

Optronic & surveillance systems

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Portable Night & 
Day vision enhancer


Night & Day vision enhancer for vehicles & fixed surveillance

Multi-sensor Surveillance Networks

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Flexnet System

Flexnet is a wireless mesh networked Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) platform providing early remote detection, classification & identification of any threat in wide areas and complex terrain, in LOS & NLOS* situations. Its open architecture allows this system to be deployed as a stand-alone capability or become fully integrated with other platforms & Battle Management Systems. 
* Line-of-sight & Non-line-of-sight


  • Military surveillance: ground surveillance, fleet management, reconnaissance
  • Homeland security : patrol, border patrol, special operations
  • Critical infrastructure protection: Human & critical assets protection

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