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Thermobile provides mobile, robust heaters and cooling units to operate in the harsh conditions often found in military environments.

They are specially designed to keep the temperature comfortable in tents and temporary shelters for personnel camps and field hospitals. Heaters and cooling units are developed for army applications, as well as rescue and humanitarian organisations.

ITA 35 L

ITA 80 L

IMAC 2000 L



Portable heating solutions for army operations

Thermobile heaters are easy to operate, transport and install, with average outlet temperatures reaching 50°C. They are equipped with high-efficiency 91% heat exchanger and a pre-heated fuel tank that can operate for up to 16 hours, or with an external connection for extra capacity.

The heaters range from 3kW to 385kW. They are easy-to-maintain with the wide range of spare parts available, and the company’s R&D department can assist with custom-made products.

A range of accessories is available for heaters, including warm and fireproof air transport hoses for use inside tents, air dividers to connect multiple tents, a CO warning system, and thermostat.

Thermobile products are developed and manufactured at the company’s factory, where they also undergo extensive testing. Products are always created to meet stringent European regulations, as well as ISO 9001:2008 and EAC standards, and all models have the CE marking.

Mobile heaters for military environments

The ITA 35 L compact 25kW mobile heater comes in a number of styles. The basic range has a fuel tank with a jerrycan connection, with a 40l tank capacity it can be equipped with tank heating or a CO warning system, as well as a thermostat.

A stronger 45kW heater is available with the ITA 50 L mobile heater. It has an 80l fuel tank that can provide 16 hours of operation. It comes equipped with tank heating or a CO warning alert.

The ITA 50 L features a chimney and a room thermostat with a 10m cable, as well as an air inlet connection for a return air hose. A polar variant is available, specially designed for operating in temperatures as low as -40°C.

For more power, the ITA 80 L 70kW heater has a 120l fuel tank that also allows for 16 hours of use. It can be fitted with a tank heating or CO warning system, chimney and room thermostat with 10m-long cable.

The ITA 80 L is equipped standard with an air inlet connection for a return air hose. It is also available as a polar variant for operating in temperatures up to -40°C.

Military heaters for large spaces

The IMAC 2000 L has a 200kW capacity, with a 12,000m3/hr airflow, making it ideal for large areas such as hospitals and material storage tents. The heater can be equipped with an air inlet connection for a return air hose.

The polar version is issued with a fuel pre-heating system with nozzle and oil filter heating, capable of operating at -40°C. It is also available as a mobile variant as the IMA 200 RHP.

Electric-powered heaters for defence applications

Thermobile supplies a wide range of electric heaters for rapidly deployable heating systems. VTB electric heater product lines range from 3kW to 18kW, with airflow from 225m3/hr to 1,000m3/hr and a built-in thermostat.

Electric heaters have low noise levels and are suitable for continuous operation. The robust design makes them built to last.

Air cooling for military facilities

Thermobile has developed a range of mobile air cooling units for warm climates, including the Coolmobile C / CR. They have an operating range from 8kW to 34kW, making them suitable for small tents, as well as large temporary structures.

A reverse heating function is an option when there are large outdoor and indoor temperature differences, so indoor air is recirculated as cooler air. This can save 25% fuel, resulting in higher efficiency and lower operating costs.