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Gathering the experienced, highly skilled suppliers of various processes and related bodies under one roof, we aim to give full service of delivering high quality end products and turnkey projects to our customers.

Manufacturing capabilities of The HUB and know-how of Menatek makes this system a perfect sourcing solution for; defense, aerospace, energy, railway, oil & gas industries, and etc. More simply; The HUB System delivers you the all necessities of high-tech component manufacturing.

Optimizing is the most striking core element of The HUB system. Managing the largest Supply Chain of Turkey, Menatek keeps growing its supplier network each day whilst staying up-to-date with technological evolution. Combining the capabilities of this extensive supplier database, Menatek’s 40 years of manufacturing know-how and project management skills, The HUB System delivers the new generation supplying through a single source.  

Significant Advantages of The HUB System

  • Low Cost Manufacturing under Uncompromising Quality Standards,
  • Single Liaison Service under the liability / commitment of a dedicated person or a team
  • Weekly Production Status Report
  • Cost Reduction for; Shipment, Labor Cost, Warehouse Stocking and etc.

Menatek Defense Technologies

Some sample projects of The HUB

Brake System

// Hydraulic Brake System