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For the Global Defense Industry

FBI fingerprint-based background checks are commonly required for U.S. Citizens to live, work and travel abroad in many countries such as China, South Korea, Australia, South Africa and Spain.
Accurate Biometrics is an authorized FBI channeler, providing access to FBI Identity History Summary Checks, or Departmental Orders (556-73). Our expertise will assist your company:

  • Obtain access to Identity History Summary Checks (IdHS) for Visa requirements direct from the FBI
  • National U.S. Fingerprint Collection
  • Network  International fingerprint card processing
  • 24 Hour Processing to expedite your results  
  • Customized Solutions tailored to fit your needs

For more information on how to improve your ink card scanning or electronic live scan fingerprint collection and processing, contact:

Will Peterson
Director, Business Development

FBI NGI July 2018 Fact Sheet Statistics:

• The FBI Next Generation Identification (NGI) database contains the fingerprints of nearly 136 million individuals (both civil and criminal).

• The average response time of the Tenprint Rapsheet Request (TPRS) system is less than 20 seconds.