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VISA Background Check Solutions
The Freedom to Travel Abroad

U.S. Travelers abroad may need to be prepared to submit FBI background checks for travel VISA as the number of countries are requiring FBI background checks for travel across their borders is ever increasing.

Among the countries now requiring background checks for travel VISAs for U.S. Citizens are: China, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Iceland, Spain and Israel. Accurate Biometrics is an expert service provider of FBI background checks for Visas with 8 years of experience. We were the first U.S. company approved to offer FBI fingerprint-based background check service to U.S. Citizens.

The FBI “Identity History Summary” (IdHS) check or Departmental Order 556-73, is commonly referred to as an “FBI Self Check.” The results of the FBI Self Check are commonly referred to as a “rap sheet” or “my FBI Report”.

What is a “rap sheet”?

A rap sheet, or criminal record on file with the FBI, is based on fingerprint submissions received and retained by the FBI. A rap sheet may include information reported to the FBI from any source including local, state and federal agencies who submit fingerprint-based transactions to the FBI for retention. Your FBI rap sheet may also contain disposition data which is not fingerprint-based, if reported to the FBI. The rap sheet is only a snapshot in time, containing retained information at the time of your Departmental Order request. The FBI rap sheet may also contain “wanted” or “warrant” information reported from other law enforcement entities.

An Identity History Summary report is available through Accurate Biometrics for all U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents. This report is suitable for:

Visa requirements to live, work or travel in a foreign country

Personal Review – to make sure information is accurate and up-to date

Challenging information on your record

International adoption

Accurate Biometrics, an authorized fingerprinting agency, is expert in processing Identity History Summary checks for our clients. We specialize in serving U.S. citizens and permanent residents’ home and abroad, and offer the following options for our clients:

U.S. National Collection Network – over 800 locations in 50 states

Manual ink card processing – same day service on all incoming requests

Certified live scan equipment placement – purchase or lease

Fee-based mobile on-site fingerprint collection for large groups

We offer several delivery response methods to our customers for their background check including SAME DAY results – with electronic submission to the FBI for processing

Secure online portal pick-up*

Standard U.S. Postal Service to U.S. addresses only, with secure online portal pick-up

2-day Priority Service to U.S. addresses only, with secure online portal pick-up

*Secure online portal pick up allows a one-time login. Desktop or notebook computer use is required for pick up so applicants may download a pdf copy of their results.

Results are usually available within 24 hours. We are known for prompt service and attention to detail, which makes us an ideal choice for expedited background check solutions.

Accurate Biometrics recommends that an individual should get a set of their fingerprints on an FBI FD-258 fingerprint card through law enforcement or a live scan fingerprint vendor before they travel abroad, since fingerprint services are not always accessible abroad. It may just be easier to obtain a Departmental Order 566-73 (IdHS) report before travel. The IdHS report is generated in PDF format and can be downloaded and saved for personal use. The report is generally acceptable for one year of the time it is generated by the FBI.

For more information about our FBI service refer to our website: Live chat is available through the website from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST. Individuals can also reach our Customer Service Team toll free at 866-361-9944, or at

Accurate Biometrics, based near Chicago, IL, USA, offers high performance, quality electronic fingerprint technology solutions for U.S. Citizens and permanent residents. We are authorized to submit fingerprints directly to the FBI as a Channeler for Authorized Recipients, and fingerprint-based background checks for individuals.

For nearly 20 years, we have been providing solution-based service to public and private companies to meet their fingerprinting needs. We respond to the needs of our customers with knowledge, expertise, and professionalism that positions us as a leader in the industry of applicant fingerprint processing.

Business services offered by Accurate Biometrics include:

FBI Channeling

Live scan equipment for sale or lease

Electronic fingerprint submission (EFS) for FINRA and financial institutions

DSS – SWFT Program

Select State submission types

Practical solutions for fingerprint collection and management

Please contact us for more detail about our business services:

Will Peterson

Director of Business Development