Next issue: December 2018

News that the British Army may halt its long-planned withdrawal from Germany has raised questions about the reasons for deploying British bases abroad. We take a look at the strategic thinking behind British army bases in the context of geopolitical developments.

We also go for a test ride  in the Oshkosh JLTV, and report from the British Army and Cubic Defense’s recent exercise which demonstrated how live, virtual and constructive domains come together to make training drills more realistic.

The US Air Force will face significant capacity shortages in the future, according to Rand. We review a report that models future demands on the air force in four possible futures and ask what it will take to build the service up to the required capacity.

Plus, we check out new developments in robotics for last mile supply and bomb disposal, and take a look at the US Navy’s first carrier-based drone, the $13bn Boeing MQ-25 Stingray project.

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