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STOKOTA is a Belgian manufacturer, established in 1963 and besides road tankers, specialized in refuellers. After being in business for over 45 years Stokota has truly become an international producer of industrial vehicles and logistic solutions.

Stokota latest projects include the build of 3 hydrant dispensers for the civil airport of Brussels. These are low-profile, high-flow dispensers with a flow rate of 3.400 l/min on a FUSO chassis. They are fitted with a lifting platform and fully enclosed operating cabin. Measuring equipment is the ISOIL VEGA-T system with BM600 measuring chamber.

Maximum flow rate is 3400 l/min through the deck hoses (these are 2 fuel hoses which can be connected with the fuelling couplings of the aircraft).

The Second project is the rebuild of 2 aircraft refuellers for TOTAL France. These are aircraft refuellers browser with a capacity of 20.000L. The units are fitted with a complete new STOKOTA Aircraft Refuelling Aggregate (SARA) with Alfons Haar PreciFUEL. Maximum flow rate is 950 l/min through one underwing hose reel and 250 l/min through one overwing hose reel. The unit features restricted pump pressure by which the venturi and in-line control valve can be deleted.


Delivery of electronic equipment to Australia

Final project includes the build of 8 aircraft refueller for different airports in Poland. The aircraft refuellers are 40.000L low profile (2,6m in height) semi-trailers on an 4x2 Mercedes-Benz Econic chassis. The measuring equipment is Alfons Haar PreciFUEL equipment as well. Maximum flow rate of the unit is 1300 l/min.

Another involves a 35.000L aircraft refueller semi-trailer for Morocco.

6 hydrant carts with solar installation and Avery Hardoll MasterLoad III measuring equipment are in operation for 1,5 years to the airport of Schiphol in the Netherlands. They are performing perfectly. Together with the hydrant carts there were also 6 fuelling stairs which were build in-house (all according the ongoing standards). They can vary in height between 400 and 900 mm from ground level.

Stokota will attend the bi-annual IATA fuel forum in Singapore from 13 to 15th of November 2018.

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