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Our Advanced Integrated Communications Management System (AICMS) is a software driven design, network centric system that is a modular, open architecture design, platform independent communication system, that meets the constraints of size, weight, power and ownership cost. This system successfully utilizes a fibre-optic network with radio over IP (RoIP).

Our digital hand-held wireless intercom suite (DH2WI™) are encrypted, light weight and portable. They offer ANR, clear voice, full duplex and/or push-to-talk capability with simultaneous group talks. These units incorporate automatic multi-hops repeater functions to extend communication range. GPS/GIS and text messaging are standard features.

The Optical Radio Digitizer™ (ORD) allows new and legacy analog radios to be connected throughout the platform via fibre-optics, without invading the integrity of the radios. While the Optical Data Digitizer™ (ODD) allows analog data to be digitized and distributed throughout the platform via fibre-optics. Both products offer benefits of lowering overall platform weight, improving performance by reducing EMI susceptibility, reducing maintenance costs, and simplifying and reducing the cost of future equipment upgrades.

Engineering Services

  • Project Management
  • Design and Systems Engineering
  • Hardware and Software Design, Development and Testing

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