·    working pressure 3-8 bar
·    resistant to wind and snow load
·    resistant to temperature fluctuations
·    easy handling - careless operation

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PRO modular high pressure inflatable tent

NIXUS | PRO is a modular high pressure inflatable tent system for general or long term use (decontamination unit, base camp, field hospital, refugee camp etc.).
The tough structure of PRO tents is made of heavy duty seamless pneumatic tubes of 6’’ (150mm) diameter, recommended working pressure in tubes may vary between 3-8 bar (45 – 120 psi). With such a wide pressure range PRO tents are the first choice for application in the harshest conditions from extreme cold areas to the desert and tropical heats.
High pressure tubes of 6“ diameter and a way of their connection to the canopy are making PRO tents the most resistant inflatable structure to the strong wind and show load in their category.

ECOS Expandable container shelter

New shelter system, based on expansion of 20ft or 40ft freight con-tainer to the size of up to 300sqm of roofed area. The principle of this patented solution is horizontal tilting of frames at both long sides of container. After tilting of main and supporting frames, separate halls at both sides of container are made, together with an empty container creating three separate spaces. While the container itself shall be used as a communication corridor, the halls are supposed to work as an accommodation space, an ambu-lance, briefing hall, as a canteene, warehouse etc.
The roof of ECOS shelter is based on inflatable high pressure NIXUS | RIBS system, which creates rigid inflatable beams over the area and supports the membrane roof.

RIBS Large span high pressure inflatable hall

NIXUS | RIBS is a high pressure pneumatic hall of large span, using pat-ented RIBS technology (Rigid Inflatable Beam Structure). It is combining advantages of rigidity of solid structure halls with installation and transportation flexibility of inflatable halls. RIBS structure system is based on multipled heavy duty seamless pneumatic tubes of 6’’ diameter, pressurized to 3-8 bar (45 – 120 psi). After inflation the structure remains extremely rigid, resistant to strong wind and temperature fluctuations, able to withstand much higher load as other known inflatable beams of similar size parameters. Besides to its load resistance, multi-tube RIBS system is the safest inflatable tech-nology on the market. In a case of eventual air leak in one tube the others are able to keep the shape without risk of structure collapse.

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