Event Preview

IT²EC 2023

Exhibitors line up for IT²EC 2023

24-26 April 2023 
Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Main image credit: Hadean

In April 2023, IT²EC returns to the Rotterdam Ahoy in the Netherlands for its 32nd edition. With the strong support of Dutch Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces, around 2,000 visitors and more than 75 exhibitors are expected to convene for the three-day exhibition and conference to discuss the future of military training and explore the technologies that will shape it.

The 2023 edition of IT²EC takes place during a critical time for Europe, with the Russia-Ukraine conflict along its Eastern border continuing to drive a renewed consideration of how innovation and training can benefit nations and their allies in evolving their response for future and current operations – and the role of NATO within them.

To focus minds on these issues, the event’s theme has been focused on “Accelerating simulation and training for NATO and global partners’”, alongside “Enhancing multi-domain operational capabilities”.

The conference will carry these themes throughout the three-day programme. Papers and presentations will investigate topics including the current challenges and future opportunities pertaining to accelerating training across all disciplines whilst deployed; synchronisation and integration across all defence; and the consideration of how wargaming may be exploited to enhance training and education outcomes in defence.

IT²EC 2023 committee chair, Sanjay Khetia, said that across the conference, the emphasis will be on informed discussion on these topics, rather than simply the presentation of findings. 

“We want to get down to the ‘so what’ level on these topics, which will be delivered by a greater focus on panel sessions, where discussion will inform not only what is happening in the training and simulation world, but how we respond to what is occurring, and what solutions we can deliver to support that response,” he said. “We do that by drawing in the multi-domain elements as reflected by the three conference pillars of Technologies and Architectures, Human Performance and Emerging Solutions.”  

All of these different facets must be considered in order to adapt the way training is delivered for today’s battlefield.  

“When assessing the delivery of training for a particular scenario - whatever it may be - we need to understand who we are training, what they are being trained for, and to what level,” Khetia said. “The level of fidelity required, the human factors that influence the individual being trained, and the technologies available to deliver the capability required – how to understand and adapt to these issues and formulate effective solutions, these are the core critical issues we aim to work through at IT²EC 2023.”

On the exhibition show floor, leading industry players will present their latest capabilities designed to support these requirements.  

4C Strategies will demonstrate its next-generation Exonaut Training and Exercise Management System, a digitized, end to end, training and exercise management system that enables the planning, design, execution, evaluation and exploitation of both individual and collective training; and supports the digital management of the Lessons Learned process, Interoperability tracking and the planning and execution of trials and experimentation and wargaming. 

Advance Realtime Tracking will be presenting SMARTTRACK3/M: A fully integrated tracking system designed to deliver low-latency high-precision position and orientation measurement with a small footprint. DiSTI will showcase its wide-variety of tailored solutions that integrate with Unity, Unreal, and other third-party software to maximize warfighter training effectiveness; and Magnifica VR will be hosting demonstrations of its Magnifica VR and Canine Handler Advance Training simulator (CHATS).  

Hadean will be highlighting capabilities together with a number of partners: the Single Synthetic Environment, in partnership with CAE; its Decision Support platform, in partnership with Cervus; and Multi-domain synthetic training simulation, in partnership with BAE; along with its British Army CTTP Cloud Simulation. Cervus AI will present its latest products, its XCALIBR marksmanship trainer and FORGE digital Decision Support tool. 

Wescom Defence will present its pyrotechnic simulation devices and munitions designed to integrate into the XR/Blended reality and LIVE domains; while Vrgineers will showcase next-generation virtual and mixed reality of pilot training solutions, including Portable Trainers (flight simulator – fixed/rotary wing), F-35 like fully-functional cockpit replica (flight simulator), and the Virtual and Mixed Reality headset, XTAL 3. 

Telespazio Germany provides immersive and interactive training experiences that help prepare the next generation of maintenance and operator technicians, pilots, and other professionals for the challenges they will face in the workplace. It will be showcasing capabilities including Virtual Maintenance Training, Part Task Trainer Engine inspection with VR, Cockpit Procedure Trainer and IT Security Concepts. 

To register to join us at IT²EC 2023 please visit: www.itec.co.uk/2023-global-defence-technology