Over the past 40 years, Blaschke has been a leading manufacturer for customized NBC protective equipment.

Our main Products include:

Ventilated heavy impermeable NBC protective suits
Ventilated NBC casualty bags
NBC ventilator units
Body bags
NBC-resistant gas and water-tight transport bags and rucksacks
NBC sample collecting sets
NBC collecting troughs
NBC drinking devices

Our R.U.L.E.S.:


NBC resistant transport bags and frogman rucksacks

Different standard and custom sizes

Can be equipped with mouth inflating valve as well as automatic inflating and deflating valves.

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NBC Casualty Bags

For transportation of contaminated patients

To protect patients from contamination

Different variants available from simple to full nursery bags with insertion gloves and feed through feed through for drop, oxygen and many more.

Multiple windows possible

Gastight version with inlet and outlet air filtration

Ventilated half bags for mobile patients.

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NBC Protective Suits

A wide range of options

Specially designed for decontamination, detection, resource and laboratory work

Equipped with ventilation and air distribution system

Long working periods of up to 4 hours in hot climates

1-part suits and 2-part suits

Integrated mask or integrated screen
customizable on users request

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NBC Ventilation units

Designed for standard NBC

Respirator filters made of metal for durability

Easily decontaminated

Powered by standard LR 20 or NC batteries

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NBC resistant water tanks

In standard pillow tanks with 500l to 50,000l capacity

Easily de-contaminable for storage and protection of raw and drinking water.

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