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Harpoon Block II is manufactured by Boeing Defence, Space & Security. Credit: US Navy

Boeing secures $1.17bn contract for Harpoon missiles 

Boeing has been awarded a $1.17bn modification against a previously issued basic ordering agreement by US Naval Air Systems Command to procure Harpoon tactical missiles and support equipment.

This contract includes the purchase of 400 RGM-84L-4 Harpoon Block II Update (HIIU) Grade B canister tactical missiles, four RTM-84L-4 Block II HIUU Grade B canister exercise missiles, 411 containers, four blast test vehicles, and two Harpoon Weapon Systems. 

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Finland in deal with Israel for David’s Sling 

Announced for the first time on 6 April, Finland is expected to buy the David’s Sling weapon system from Israel, marking the first time the long-range air defence system has been sold to an outside government.
Following a rigorous selection process across several years, the Finnish Ministry of Defence has opted for the Israeli system to bolster its defence capabilities against a range of potential threats. According to a release, the system will be implemented as a multi-layered defence mechanism.

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UK backfilling capability gaps with deal for anti-tank rifles 

The UK and Sweden have signed a letter of intent for a contract to acquire Carl-Gustaf M4 recoilless rifles, in replacement of systems granted to Ukraine.
The procurement of the Carl-Gustaf anti-tank rifles will replace hundreds of NLAW anti-tank missile systems granted to Ukraine at the early stages of its war against Russia. In total, the combined value of UK military support to Ukraine topped £2.3bn in 2022. 

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Boeing and CAE agreement advances P-8A programme 

Announced 4 March, Boeing and CAE signed teaming agreements to increase multi-mission platform collaboration in Canada, Germany, and Norway. 
Through these arrangements, the P-8A Poseidon programme, which is derived from the Boeing 737NG civil airframe, will receive improved managerial, technological, and cost-effective training options.

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