"Train like you fight"

Armed Forces must train relentlessly to hone their razor sharp edge. Our battlefield simulation products replicate the noise and chaos of conflict. Ideal for training new recruits and experienced operators alike.

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DEMOLITION STORES: As an industry leading military demolitions explosives supplier, we provide the complete range of explosives and demolitions charges.  We offer all SEMTEX explosives, such as C4, PE4, and detonating cords.  Our special explosives are ideal for Special Forces and Explosive Method of Entry (EMOE): RAZOR Linear Charges, Sheet Explosive, Linear Cutting Tape, and Paste Explosives (PASTEX).  We offer Shaped Charges, such as: Bangalore Torpedo, NR50, Beehive, Hayrick, and Rapid Crater Kits.

BATTLE SIMULATION: Industry leading battlefield simulation supplier and pyrotechnic supplier.  We offer a diverse range of ground burst explosions, machine gun and rifle fire, and artillery simulation products.  Our pyrotechnics products accurately simulate the sounds, smells, and chaos of battle.

MILITARY TRAINING: Our realistic battle simulation products replicate loud explosions, artillery, ground bursts, air bursts, and a variety of small arms.  Thunderflash is used in simulation, training, and as an operational tool for military and police forces that require a loud non-lethal device for disorientating potential targets.

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