In June the US Department of Defense used SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy for the first time to propel several satellites into orbit. It was also the first time the DoD reused boosters from a previous launch. With SpaceX establishing itself as a supplier and the DoD embracing technological innovation, are we seeing a era of space launches for the US military?

Also in this issue, we take a look at the British Army’s new cyber operations centres, which are due to boost its offensive cyber capabilities by the early 2020s, speak to SteelRock Technologies about its new drone-based counter IED solution, and report on the latest developments in military training and simulation.

Plus, we find out how the UK's Dstl is applying a motorsport technology to power future directed energy weapons such as naval lasers and railguns, and catch up with the US Air Force's project Skyborg, which aims to equip unmanned combat drones with artificial intelligence to create an 'autonomous wingman' for fighter jets such as the F-35.

Susanne Hauner, editor