Designing avionics to RTCA DO-254 / DO-178 guidelines is a complex undertaking requiring significant development time and engineering effort – not to mention the associated costs. And, for system designers without extensive DO-254 / DO-178 experience, there’s a large risk that the end result will not meet certification requirements.

To bring safety-critical systems to market faster, Curtiss-Wright offers the industry’s broadest selection of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) modules designed for DO-254 from the ground up. Each board is developed through a DER-approved process and available with a full artifacts package to meet the key deliverables for SOI audits, greatly reducing the risk, costs, and development headaches associated with certifying systems to DO-254 / DO-178 requirements.

Curtiss-Wright’s selection of safety-certifiable COTS hardware includes single board computers (SBCs), graphics, video and I/O modules, and a complete mission computing system. Curtiss-Wright offers not only the largest selection of modules to choose from, but also the industry’s first DO-254 safety-certifiable Arm® SBC, giving system designers ultimate flexibility.

Choose from Today’s Leading Trusted Software

Curtiss-Wright DO-254 safety-certifiable COTS modules are supported by DO-178 operating systems, BSPs, and drivers from today’s industry leaders, such as

Curtiss-Wright is strategically partnered with Mannarino Systems & Software Inc. (MANNARINO), a leading provider of safety-critical systems, software and electronic hardware engineering services, to offer expansive support to designers of DO-254 / DO-178 certifiable systems. MANNARINO provides Curtiss-Wright customers with safety-certifiable software, systems integration support (including the development of life cycle data artifact kits), and expert guidance through safety certification processes.

Together, Curtiss-Wright and MANNARINO combine years of industry knowledge and expertise in the development of safety-certifiable hardware and software, integration of critical avionics systems, and navigation through the certification process.