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Issue 120 • February 2021

The importance of the space domain has grown massively in recent years. The launch of the US Space Force and the UK’s plan to stand up a Space Command by this summer have demonstrated that there is a strong focus on offensive and defensive cyber capabilities in the space domain. In this issue, we hear from Air Vice-Marshal Harv Smyth, head of the UK’s Space Directorate, how the UK Space Command will be structured and what its priorities are.

As military and civilian capabilities increasing rely on space-based assets, militaries are stepping up their efforts to protect these assets. We ask security experts about the potential impact of cyberattacks on space-based assets, and how they can be prevented. We also take a look at defence departments’ growing interest in space planes, including technologies already in development by the US, Russia and China, and the capabilities they offer.

Back on Earth, we find out about the importance of data in winning future wars from the assistant head of the British Army’s digital service, and hear from the Royal Navy’s First Sea Lord about the future of naval operations. We also check out the gear that’s helping the UK’s Royal Marines are transitioning into a Future Commando Force, catch up with the latest developments in the UK Dstl's Intelligent Ship project, and much more.

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Susanne Hauner, publisher