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Picture the following situation: An aid convoy is on the way in a crisis zone in the Middle East. Because it is classified as a war-zone and aid workers are constantly in danger of being attacked or kidnapped and held for ransom, the convoy consists of mainly armoured 4x4s. The convoy comes under attack and an armoured SUV with photographers and journalists is separated from the convoy and being chased by insurgents. The vehicle is being shot at heavily and during the shooting, tyres are also hit. The driver of the SUV notices that the attackers are driving a sedan and decides to steer away from the road and to keep driving through the dirt, with flat tyres, in an attempt to shake off the attackers. Because the sedan is not suited for the off-road conditions, the attackers have to give up their chase and let the journalists go. In the meantime, the driver keeps going and has called for help. They keep going until it is safe to stop and wait for a pick up by helicopter. The next day, the vehicle is picked up by armed forces and returned to the compound where it came from. Everyone in the vehicle survived.

A few things stand out from this story, which is an actual (summarised) reference TSS International received from a customer. Firstly, the passengers of the vehicle were well protected by the armouring of the vehicle. Secondly, the driver clearly acted in a way which contributed to the survival of himself and the members of the press in his car. Finally, this car was lucky to have a reliable set of runflats installed, which extended the mobility of the vehicle and allowed it to get out of the danger zone with flat tyres and wait for back-up.

We were really proud to hear a real-life reference like described above. It confirms that TSS is right to always strive for the highest quality, because in emergency situations, the lives of armoured vehicles’ users depend on the material they use. The armouring is a crucial part of the survival, but when an armoured vehicle is standing still in a danger zone, it is a “sitting duck” and the armour will not give enough protection, no matter how well it was built.

With the weights of armoured vehicles increasing all the time due to the required protection levels, TSS has collaborated with customers to develop a special Heavy Duty Wheel which can support the armour of their vehicles. Starting in 2010 with a 1500kg payload per 18” wheel (and a specially designed runflat as well), the payload of TSS Heavy Duty Wheels has been increased with each update. 1600kg in 2011, 1800kgs in 2012 and even 2000kgs in 2017! For luxury armoured vehicles, 20” Wheel Assemblies are also available, with a payload of at least 1600kgs. 

The Rodgard BPX Runflat (designed especially for TSS) has also evolved to meet the payload requirements and is now also easier to install than ever before.

Thanks to the close collaboration with our partners, we have managed to reach maximum performance on all components, including a tailor-made braking system for armoured vehicles. MOV’IT Security Brakes are available for most popular armoured vehicles, including the Toyota LC200, MB G-Class, Nissan Patrol Y62, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and many more, ensuring uncompromised braking performance.

Although most products are Heavy Duty and therefore also heavy-weight, TSS ProtecTank adds protection, but saves weight compared to armouring a fuel tank. TSS ProtecTank is the true and original self-sealing fuel tank protection on which many NGO’s, special forces and the likes depend in the danger zone. TSS ProtecTank has been tested by TNO in the Netherlands and Beschussamt in Germany and requires no modification to the vehicle.

Armouring a vehicle is a task done with great precision and care, but protection is compromised as soon as a door or window is opened. That is why most armoured vehicles are equipped with an intercom, like from B&G Electronics, allowing for closed-window communication with the surroundings of the vehicle, for example at a roadblock. LED-lights (red and/or blue; white and/or yellow) in the grill can help clear the road when a quick getaway is crucial.

One of the most recent developments in the Civilian Armoured Vehicle market is the adoption of shock-mitigating floor mats. In case of an under vehicle explosion, the floor moves upwards up to 4 centimeters in a fraction of a second, potentially shattering the feet of the occupants. The mats act as a buffer between the feet and the floor, reducing the risk of injury up to 90% and increasing survivability.

TSS is a 44-year-old family business, located just south of Rotterdam in The Netherlands. TSS believes in quality & service and is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. TSS supplies to various armouring companies worldwide, who in their turn build vehicles for NGO’s, UN Agencies, Heads of State, Special Forces, CIT-companies and many more.

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