Live Feed View



A digital video camera delivers a 60°-120° field of view live feed of the outside environment to ruggedized low-latency high definition LED display on the inside of the vehicle at the passenger’s position and to the commander’s display.

Eliminates the need for heavy transparent armor on rear passenger doors.

NXT 360™ or NXT 360™ ES variants available

Off-Road Mobility

Exceptional speed, mobility and agility across any rugged terrain in all weather conditions.

NXT 360™ ES variant includes long travel suspension for increased maneuverability over the toughest of terrains

Versatile Configurations

2-, 4- and 6-passenger variants plus payload capacity for personnel and mission equipment

Low Cost Logistics

Chassis based on proven HUMVEE light tactical vehicle configuration for maximum commonality, simplified maintenance, and streamlined fleet sustainment

NXT 360™ ES model integrates new digital backbone for easy diagnostics and integration of health monitoring systems

Redefining survivability on a

rugged & capable light tactical vehicle

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